Arkansas Lots for Sale – A Good Side trip to Checkout When Touring Little Rock

Apart from cool attractions that you can find as well as family-friendly places and cultural activities, Little Rock Arkansas is the beautiful place to live. It is a perfect place to visit at any anytime because you will be able to find various activities that will leave you breathless.

For instance, most visitors and tourists imagine that they live in Little Rock, and when it comes to that, it is important to mention that there are numerous Chenal Valley lots that you can find for both residential and commercial purposes.

We decided to present you a list of things that you should visit if it is your first time visiting Little Rock:

Check Clinton Presidential Library

This is the first thing that you should do when it comes to cultural and historical perspective. It is a must do on your visit list, because you cannot say that you’ve been here without checking it out first. It features 20 thousand square foot museum and library everything from the Clinton family.

You can also enter the replica of the Oval Office, and see other things such as unique gifts from other heads of state, distinctive photos as well as an archive that will provide you a transcript of every single day when Bill Clinton became a president.

This is a great way to check out your latest history and to enjoy everything that presidential power will provide you while you’re inside.

Governor’s Mansion

This is another pitstop that you should make while on the road, and it is a home for Arkansas governors since 1950. At the same time, Clinton family also resided here when they were part of the congress and senate.

You will be able to drive to this particular mansion in a vehicle, but we recommend you to do it on foot, or by cycling, because that way you will experience the feeling of the neighborhood of this particular location. It will seem surprising, which is, but you have to check it out first.

Click here to learn more on its history and everything else you’re interested in.

Bike Tours Are Also Popular

The best way to see a new town or a city is not by driving and stopping every single time you see something unusual, but through cycling and bicycle. That is the main reason why the bike tour will provide you with a perfect way to meet local architecture, local people and to get a sense of a new city as well as neighborhoods and attractions.

That will provide you a completely different point of view, and by finding someone who lives there or a certified local guide, you will be able to get a comprehensive insight into the Little Rock. Have in mind that only locals know where you should eat and sit to enjoy the homemade whiskey and BBQ.

Best BBQ Ever

One of the best places to eat the BBQ is in Little Rock, so without doing it, you won’t feel the excitement. You won’t find the better place for it in entire Arkansas, and you should check the notable restaurants and places that date since the beginning of the previous century.

People and natives enjoy in a specific sweet sauce that attracted both celebrities and visitors for years. You shouldn’t leave this particular area without trying excellent ribs.

Ice Cream Flavors

If you reach the SOMA neighborhood, you should visit the ice cream shop that stood the test of time for years. You will be able to enjoy in handcrafted ice cream and flavors that feature fresh products from locals. It means that you will taste the feeling of Arkansas by doing that.

Check the official website: of SOMA neighborhood.

It doesn’t matter which particular flavor you love, because you can find a wide array of them from peach buttermilk, to salted caramel and many more. The atmosphere is something that you won’t see in other areas of Arkansas, which is why it is the most popular pit stop among tourists.

Purse Museum

Esse Purse Museum is the best way to understand the history of hand purses, mainly because it is one of the three museums in the world with a similar representation. It will take you to the 20th century, and tell you the tale of how women lived back then.

You will enjoy colorful brands and designs, and it is not only popular among women, because it features a store where you can buy your loved ones something that will stand the test of time.