Important things to know about anti-graffiti coatings

The Anti Graffiti Coatingsare generally clear protective coatings applied over both unpainted as well as painted surfaces. This is a protective coating which helps in protecting the surface as well as preventing the spray paints from penetrating. It is also protecting against marking pens penetrating into the substrate. Basically there are two types of coatings available, Non Sacrificial and the sacrificial coatings. Both are effective in protecting against graffiti attacks but are quite different from each other. Each comes with the same purpose but there is certain difference in its approach and other basic features.

The sacrificial coating generally comes off whenever the graffiti is removed. The best thing or way to remove Graffiti is to apply hot water pressure washer. There is no requirement of cleaners in this process. The coating is generally loosened by the high hot water pressure and the product along with graffiti comes out from the protected surface. It makes the surface similar to the one before any protective coating was applied. When the area is dry and cleaned then the protective coating will be re applied. Generally such type of coating is quite ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.

ON the other hand the non-sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coatings are completely the opposite. Such coating does not generally come off the surface when hot water pressure is applied. It can withstand any number of cleaning as well as repeated attacks. There are some particular items that offer unlimited warranties to up to ten years. It is however based on the number of coats applied over its surface. Such coatings are perfect and ideal for areas which are very often subjected to repeated attacks. In cases the coating may be removed with Krud Kutter removers or citrus based cleaners alongside normal usage of pressure washers.

All such Anti Graffiti Coatings are becoming very come these days. In some localities such coatings are quiet mandatory as well. In some areas it is quite important to have the right coatings for particular building that are all coming up recently. There are lots of options available with anti-graffiti coating and all are based on customer choices. There are different finished appearances with coatings as well as may vary from gloss finish to flat finishes. There are some particular ways which can be used to select the best of products and ensure graffiti’s are removed painlessly as well as easily.