Installing Your Own Balustrade

If you’re looking for a frameless or a semi-frameless balustrade, you should consider a supplier who sends you a kit that you can install yourself. If you are not very handy with tools, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if you can install your own balustrade. There are some considerations you need to make, but for the most part, it’s fairly straightforward to install. A frameless or a semi-frameless system is even simpler to install because it has fewer parts.

Frameless Systems

A frameless balustrade is one that is made of glass panels that look as if they are freestanding. That’s in opposition to systems that feature metal or wooden frames to hold in the glass like windows. Frameless balustrades in WA are simple to install if you have a few tools. First, you should look for a company that supplies kits specifically to be installed by amateurs. There are some companies that supply kits, but they are not designed for amateurs; they’re designed for contractors who are doing work in people’s homes. You need one for consumers, and it should come with an instruction manual for installing it.

Installing the System

The most common installation is fairly straightforward; it is made of panels of glass that are mounted to the floor with metal mounts that are then attached to the ground. The installation kit will usually tell you how far apart you need to install each mount. You will attach the mounts to the ground in the predetermined spacing. Then you will install the panels of glass. Once you tighten the mounts and affix them to the glass panels, the balustrade will be installed. A frameless system is just that simple. There are some nuances to each different kind of system, but those are the basics.

A semi-frameless system will have some other parts to it that you might need to install such as a railing. Other kinds have the railing already attached to each panel of glass. If any of that sounds intimidating, you should choose a company that also installs them for you.

Why Frameless?

Choosing a frameless or semi-frameless balustrade is about the look you are trying to create. A frameless balustrade means that you’ll be able to create a railing or a barricade without adding opaque dividers into your home. That makes them great for open floor plans and creating the illusion of greater space. Furthermore, they are simple and clean with straightforward lines. They fit in very well with a modern and timeless look to your house, and they’re especially well-paired with metal mounts and other modern materials. You can install a glass balustrade and have an exciting barrier within only a matter of a few minutes.