Manual Detection of Plagiarism of Use of a Plagiarism Check Website?

If you are a teacher, then you do not want your students to commit plagiarism because it will mean that all of your hard work will be for nothing. For this reason, whenever you check their written works, you dedicate all of your time and effort to know if your students really have done their papers on their own. However, manually checking the papers of students can take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are several techniques that you can use to make your manual checking of papers for plagiarism a lot faster. This article will discuss these techniques to you. This also includes the use of a plagiarism check website to be able to detect plagiarism.

Font Styles That Changes Throughout the Paper

When a paper has font styles that change throughout the paper, then this is a sign of plagiarism. This may mean that the student has copied from different websites or sources then just pasted it into his or her paper to have something to turn on. But still, make sure to consult with your student first to verify this. He or she may have purposefully done it. Or better yet, you can just search the words included in your student’s paper to know if he or she has copied on the web.

Incorrect Use of Citations

Incorrect use of citations is automatically regarded as plagiarism. Whether your student incorrectly use citations purposefully of accidentally, he or she should get punished for committing it. So make sure to check the paper of your student for coherence in terms of citations.

Incoherent Narration and Speaking Styles

The inconsistency of the narration style of a paper may indicate plagiarism. When a person writes, the narration style will usually be consistent all throughout the entire paper from beginning to end. However, if the paper you are checking has inconsistent narration style, then your student may have committed patchwork plagiarism wherein he or she may have copied the paper from different sources.

However, do consider that when the narration style of a paper of your student appears to be very professional then he or she may just be working hard to study. So do not jump to conclusions right away because your students may actually be working hard for this.

A Great Alternative: Plagiarism Check Website

Manually checking a paper for plagiarism can be very tiring and time consuming. That is why a great alternative for this is to use the plagiarism check website. This website provides a tool that you can use to check for plagiarism. It determines if a content or paper contains duplicate contents on the web by scanning through millions of webpages.

Jeanne D’Arc Westford