Thinking about Home Renovation? Read this


No matter how your home appears to you, it would need some renovation, especially, if it’s a period property. Do you think home renovation is an easy job when you’re doing it after decades of neglect? Not at all! It’s not just an eye’s thing. While some people may choose to select William Morris wallpapers and red paints to make it new, home renovation is not just about the external appearances. If you want to make your home livable for years to come, then planning is important! Planning will be perfect only when it is done by professionals like us. We, at, will be glad to help you in every stage of home remodeling. But, we’re not asking you to come to us without any knowledge on home renovation. Read below to educate yourself about home remodeling, then come to us for proper guidance. Come on, read on…

How difficult is it?

Wondering how difficult is to renovate your home? Well, we could say that renovating just a room is a daunting task. Now, imagine how difficult it will be when you have to renovate the whole home. If you have enough money, then your burden can be loosened as you can have labor working in more than one area at a time. This will save you time. Now, coming to the costs – estimating how much your renovation would cost isn’t easy again. This involves various factors like:

  • Room size
  • Underlying problems
  • Material costs
  • Extent of the remodel

To give the readers a good start, we have gathered information on some of the common remodeling projects. Read on to know the estimate costs for these here:

Basement Remodeling:

If you are using your basement just for storing your artificial Christmas stuff, then you are wasting a potential additional living space in your home. Through remodeling, you can transform this space into anything from an entertainment area to a home theater. To do this, you must first evaluate your basement area with the help of a professional basement remodeling contractor. While doing so, you must consider the potential obstacles that may arise during the remodeling process. First, determine whether the basement requires waterproofing before starting the remodeling. This is because ignoring the moisture issues in your basement would simply cause expensive damage repairs in the future. So, consider the waterproofing costs before starting to remodel.


After evaluation, determine how you are going to use your basement. May it be a guest room or a bedroom, you may need some plumbing works to be done. Calculate the costs for these too. Now, it’s time to check for the legal requirements. Depending on the purpose would some legal criteria to be attended. Check that and then, set a budget for remodeling. The minimum costs that would require for this remodeling would be $14,500 while the maximum costs would be up to $1,10,000. On an average, a good and a reasonable basement remodeling would cost around $27,500. However, it would purely depend on the details you select. In the basement remodeling, the various factors to be considered are as follows:

  • Installing floors
  • Building walls
  • Adding electrical/plumbing lines
  • Furnishing rooms

If all these are included in your list, then it would take around $18,700. However, most of the homeowners are found to be spending between $10,500 and $27,000. A few of the remodels are found to cost more than $40,000.

The main factors upon which the total costs depend will be the size of the basement and the cost of the materials. In most of the cases, the costs will be much higher when the remodeling involves adding a bathroom as it involves plumbing works.


Kitchen Remodeling:

In general, the homeowners are seen spending more money on kitchen remodeling than any others. This is because kitchens are considered to be the significant factor for increasing the home’s value. And, the remodeling costs can be recovered through the value it brings your home while reselling. The average costs for the common kitchen renovations are as follows:

Small Kitchen Remodels: The small projects would typically cost around $5,000 to $15,000. These small projects include the upgrades done to:

  • Lighting
  • Faucets
  • Appliances
  • Windows
  • Storage
  • Counter extensions

Mid-Range Remodels: These would include some moderate remodeling like upgrading:

  • Faucets
  • Sink
  • Backsplash
  • Painting
  • Stock cabinets
  • Refinishing

Typically, these renovations would take around $10,000 to $15,000. However, you can choose to carry out some of the works by yourself leaving out only the significant tasks to the professionals. If your budget exceeds $15,000 and can be up to $30,000, you can leave out all the works to professionals and can invest in top-end materials too!

High Range Remodels: For the costs of more than $30,000, you could renovate your kitchens with customized cabinets, granite counters, top-end appliances, new lighting, flooring, sink, and faucets.

Of these, the top expenses are found to be on our cabinets, installation, appliances, countertops, and flooring.

Bathroom Remodeling:

Like kitchens, bathroom remodeling also has lots of price ranges depending on the range of materials you choose. In these renovations, the major factors to be considered are styles, features, and amenities.As such, you can choose to spend from $10,000 to more than $35,000 on your bathroom renovations depending on the size, materials, and labors used. However, you can also do it for about $5,000 if you are interested in swapping out few options. The price would increase if your remodeling plans consist of structural updates, adding features, plumbing works, wall and floor updates. In addition, some homeowners may face some unexpected events like finding out asbestos in the wall/floor cavities. In this case, you may have to consider some additional costs.

Overall, we can say that a good research that is conducted before your renovation planning will save us time and money. It would also help us in determining our budget thereby, helping us in framing a sound plan for home renovation.


HVAC Remodeling Costs

HVAC unit, which can be expanded as the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system, is not a less expensive job. May it be a new home project or a remodeling project, it’s expensive. This is why it’s essential to know about the cost estimation ahead of time so as to save money. Understanding the price estimate will also ensure that you buy a system that will accommodate your entire home.

Why Remodeling?

Replacing your old HVAC unit with a new one would increase the comfort in your living space. As such, replacing the old, inefficient HVAC unit with an energy-efficient one could save you a lot of money on your utility bills. This makes the HVAC system renovation a considerable, as well as a reasonable investment for your home. Moreover, it is going to give you time to analyze the insulation of your home thereby, helping to prevent heat loss during winter and keep your home cool during summer.

Factors to Consider:

Before making an HVAC system purchase, there are a few factors to consider. Inspecting some areas of your home will help in reducing the costs to a considerable extent. These are pretty simple steps to be done before making a final decision. We advise you to check the ductwork of your home. Issues with your ductwork would make the system less efficient. The second thing to check is the presence of pests finding a route into your attic. These would create pores in the ducts and hence, they would become unattached. There are also possibilities of dirt and debris blocking the vents, which may affect the quality of HVAC system. It’s a great idea to clean your ducts and get serviced to make sure the efficiency of the replaced HVAC system.

Cost Estimation:

The average costs for replacing the HVAC of your home would come around $2,000 to $5,000. Apart from these, you may have to install a new AC for around $5,000, a new furnace for around $4,000, a new heat pump for around $5,000, a new insulation for $1,500, and new ducts and vents for another $1,000.

Roof Remodeling:

A roof forms an important part of your every home. When it comes to home pricing, it is considered to be a valuable investment because this is the thing that is going to save your home from the factors like ice, snow, rain, and so on. In the event of pricing your home, the roof costs an average of three percent of the overall price.

Need for Remodeling:

The roof of a home needs to be remodeled every two to three decades. As most of the roofing materials can last only up to this time, periodic repairs/replacements are needed depending on the quality of materials used for construction. For instance, the roofs that are built with materials like tile, slate, copper can stay up to five decades whereas, those that are made from asphalt shingle could last only up to two decades. So, depending on the material of construction, you should determine the best time to renovate the home’s roof.

The Cost of Remodeling:

When it’s time to remodel the roof, it’s natural for the homeowners to get a dilemma. They will start thinking about how much does this remodeling costs. Some homeowners may even try to get the lowest possible prices. For those homeowners who are trying to get the estimate costs, we’d like to inform that the average cost for remodeling/replacing your roof would come around $6,800. However, the final cut-off would depend on various factors like size of the roof, roof pitch, and type of materials and applications been used.

In this, the homeowners are advised not to go for lowest possible prices while trying to replace the roof because this would cost you double the amount on redoing again after it starts leaking within one or two years. Therefore, it’s recommended that you consider the roof remodeling as a valuable investment and choose wisely.