Top Benefits of Installing PVC bathroom cladding instead of Tiles

Contemporary bathroom layout does not need to be exceptionally expensive, or complicated. If your bathroom furniture remains in good shape and is comparatively new, your bathroom could just be needing a fresh coat of paint, and a few new accessories. However, if the ceiling and walls have endured years of harm from steam and mould, merely adding still another coat of paint will not address the issue. It is going to only cover it up prepared for your long run. At first glance, it might seem to be an enormous endeavour to alter the walls of the bathroom.

Removing and changing tiles causes a substantial amount of dust and mess. Replacing old tiles entirely for brand new ones will probably be costly also since it is not only the tiles which can make a hole in your pocket unless you just happen to be a specialist tile fitter, you are going to need to fork out for a seasoned contractor to install them correctly.

Cutting tiles accurately is an incredibly skilled craft, mainly to match them neatly around pipes and shower fittings. An alternate remedy to eliminating tiles, and also to give your bathroom an entirely fresh new appearance, would be to select PVC bathroom cladding. Sheets of watertight PVC may be attached to bathroom walls efficiently. They can even be fitted directly over existing tiles making an entirely fresh new look.

PVC bathroom tiles can be found in a fantastic selection of colours and layouts. By marbleized shades, to shimmering brushed steel, the design possibilities are infinite. And as soon as you’ve solved your wall issues, you may also have PVC bathroom cladding fitted into your ceilings, the ideal solution if you would like to embed spotlights too.

Quick and effortless bathroom decor upgrades are easy to perform with accessories also.