Top Tips on Home Improvement and Healthy Living

Home improvement is not only important for the look of your house, but it is equally important for your health as well. That’s why expert recommend that you should do your house remodelling work keeping health in your mind and following are top tips on home improvement and healthy living that can help you in your home improvement work.

Go green in your house improvement: Modern day architects and designers are taking help of Mother Nature for improving houses and you can do that for your home improvement as well. You can have a greener home by having hanging plants on your walls and if you have place for garden you can make develop a kitchen garden to improve the look of your home. These plants will give you fresh and oxygen rich air that is very good for your health.

Use low VOC paint: According to environmental protection agency of USA, paints are responsible for emission of more than 9% of volatile organic compound that is not good for health. Therefore, whenever you do the sealing of walls or you paint it, make sure you use low VOC paint. It will not only create low-odour after painting but it will not create any harmful effect on your health as well.


Install water filtration system: Water is a problem of many health issues and if you are drinking water that has harmful pollutants, then it can make you unhealthy and ill on long term usage. So, ask some expert to check the level of pollutants in your drinking water and if you find any harmful substance in it, then make sure you add a water filtration system in your home improvement plan.

Have proper ventilation and sunlight: Any closed and dark place is ideal place for growth of any harmful bacteria or parasites, which is not good for health. In your home improvement plans you can add proper ventilation system in your home so you can have proper air flow. Also, allow the sunlight to come into your room so it can kill the minute bacteria’s in a natural way. This sunlight and fresh air is helpful for your health as well.

Install a hot tub: It can be a great stress reliever for you and your family and you can have a relaxed time in your hot bath tub. A simple hot tub bath not only increases the blood circulation of your body, but it will also decrease the tension of muscles and it can reduce the pain in your joint and body caused by any issue. It will also give you some good time for relaxation after your work and you can have smoother and shiner skin as well with it.