Why Do You Need to Choose Eco-Friendly Gas Furnace?

People, who are looking to select Eco-friendly gas furnace for their home heating needs, can choose the gas furnaces that comply with American Standard.

The furnaces and heat pumps that are complying with American Standard comes with zero carbon footprint. They are energy efficient and save energy costs.  Electrical Heating systems are free from carbon content. So, it is the best option for those searching for Eco-friendly heating systems for their homes.

However, the operating costs of the natural gas furnace for your home heating are very less. It ensures even distribution of heat in your home. It ensures cleaner burning and provides a comfortable temperature between 110 and 120 degrees.

Upgrade Old Gas Furnace to save on energy costs

If you are using an old gas furnace, you can upgrade to the latest model for a fraction of a cost and enjoy energy savings. The latest gas based heating systems for your home have high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). Therefore, it is the best option to upgrade the existing gas furnace with AFUE of less than 65% to the latest high efficiency heating system.

Natural gas based systems are reliable. The gas is available right at your home when needed through a pipe. You can enjoy 20 years of life for the natural gas furnace without any worries.

Natural gas is less harmful to the environment when compared to other fuels like oil, electricity or wood. The production of carbon dioxide from natural gas is less than 30% when compared to wood, coal or oil. The production of dissolved solids, carbon monoxide, or sulfur dioxide is almost nil when you use the gas based furnace for heating your home.

Latest gas furnaces are highly efficient. You can buy a gas based furnace with 98% efficiency for your home and save on energy costs. You can easily maintain a constant room temperature with the help of variable speed blower. It ensures the desired comfort level in your home using the latest technology. It ensures optimal efficiency using programmable thermostats.

You can obtain a brand reliability certificate from the nearest Consumer Reports National Research Center. It helps to choose the best brand furnace at reduced rates for your home.

You need to choose the right sized furnace for your home to ensure the right heating. You can seek the help of a contractor to calculate your heating needs and select the right furnace for your home. You need to maintain the gas furnace as per the manufacturer recommendation to ensure safety and save on the cost of gas.

Ensure Safety

The burning of natural gas is odorless and colorless. The companies usually insert mercaptan into the distributed gas to ensure safety. If you feel the smell of sulfur or a rotten egg, you need to leave the area and call for help. You should not use portable communication devices or telephone in that area. You are also advised not to operate lights or switches to prevent the fire hazard. You need to turn off the gas and call the fire department for help.